Ittah Yoda is formed by Kai Yoda (Japanese–Swedish) and Virgile Ittah (French), who live between Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. Coming from diverse backgrounds, they have developed their artistic identity as a duo through traditional processes as well as digital technology, a vector of cross-cultural creative collaborations with a strong focus on materiality. This collaboration gives birth to real and virtual forms that attempt to connect with an archaic heritage of humanity and a collective unconscious universally present in the psyche of an individual.

The duo Ittah Yoda highlights the performative dimension of their installation through the active participation of the public. Thus attempts to create a new reality using a rhizomic network of connections between the work and the viewer, linking virtual and physical realities, at the origin of new landscapes and the world to come.


Solo Exhibitions

2020     Rencontres OVNi, Ovni Festival, FICEP, Hotel Windsor, Nice, FR     curated by Livia Parmantier      20.Nov - 6.Dec
2020     Le contour de tes rêves, La Petite Galerie, Cite International des Arts, Paris, FR
2018     body alights - a fragmented memory, Sprout Curation, Tokyo, JP    
2016     I think mango you say salmon, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK    

Selected Group Exhibitions
how to disappear, Notre-Dame, Paris, FR.   curated by Chloe Bonnie More   
iu, Performance, SPACED IN LOST, Paris, FR.  curated by Camille Bréchignac 

Worst-Case Scenario, Le Consulat, Paris, FR.  curated by Chloe Bonnie More           December
SLLS: Stop, Look, Listen, and Smell, Direkte Auktion, Jeschke van Vliet Auctions, Berlin, DE.  curated by NBDBKP   28.Nov  
Dièse, Publication d’Art Non-linéaire, Paris, FR
IN TOUCH - a visual dialogue,  invited by Pakui Hardware, organised by Carlier Gebauer, Instagram, online
CADAN X ISETAN: Spring Takeover, Isetan Shinjuku Men’s 6F, Sprout Curation, Tokyo, JP  
Unrecognised Creatures, Sprout Curation, Tokyo, JP

VR inc, Diocletian’s Palace, Split, HR
beneath the beach, seamless paving stones, The Wrong Biennale, online
COLLAPSE ON HOLD, Mocvara Gallery, Zagreb, HR        

Augmented Sunrise Beneath The Skin, Gr_und, Berlin, DE                    
Dead Air, LARP, Omsk Social Club, Gossamer Fog, Raum Station, Gr_und, UK/CH/DE              
SUV, BSMNT + PANE, Werkschauhalle, Spinnerei Leipzig, DE       
European, Foreign & Domestic, Slate Projects, Averard Hotel, London, UK                                       
Video Tutorials, PANE project + Media Naranja, Marseille, FR
Haggerston Park, ANDOR Gallery, London, UK            

Delta, ICPE, Bucharest, RO
Artissima, White Rainbow Gallery, Turin, IT                    
Risky Attachments, FOOTHOLD, Polignano a Mare, IT              
Post - Living Room, Shibuya Hikarie 8/ Cube 1.2.3, Sprout Curation, Tokyo, JP                          
SQUISHY: eels swim in snakey, Julius, Berlin, DE                               
Lightness, White Rainbow Gallery, London, UK                  
Still Fuzz, Windows16 Gallery, online
LCN Showcase, SPACE, London, UK       

Off to Mahoganny, Rye Lane, London, UK                    
Suggest The Shape of The Wind, Nam Project, Milan, IT
Aujourd'hui je dis oui, Galeria Boavista, Lisbon, PT                        

What is a bird? We simply don’t know, Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest, RO


2013    MFA in Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK (I)
2011     MFA in Photography and the Moving Image, Royal College of Art, London, UK (Y)
2006    BA in Environmental Information, KEIO University, Tokyo, JP (Y)


2020    Im Gespräch bleiben "IN TOUCH"- Dialog bei carlier | gebauer   by. 
Çinc Zine   Worlds without Hierarchies    by Flora Leahy
Beaux Arts Magazine   Ittah Yoda, nouveaux explorateurs de mondes artificiels   by Julie Ackermann
Chronique Curiosité   2020 semaine 10 Crisallomancie    by Joël Riff

Elephant Magazine   Eight Noteworthy Berlin Exhibitions  by Alice Bucknell
Garage   I’d invite You to this Rave, But You’ll Need to Mine Crypto and Find a New Identity First   by Emily Mcdermott
Berlin Art LInk     Identity and Belonging in an Increasingly Globalized World     by Samuel Staples
AQNB    Channeling social media + self-promotion in the #videotutorials

Sleek Magazine    Berlin’s 13 Best Art Shows of 2017      by Sophia Lawler-Dormer
Schön! Magazine    interview I ittah yoda      by Daisy Schofield

Art Asia Pacific     I think mango you say salmon     by Ambika Rajgopal
Mousse Magazine   I think mango you say salmon
Tique Art Paper     Six Questions: Ittah Yoda     by Charlotte Boeyden
1 Grannary    Ittah Yoda and the Ying and Yang of the artist collaboration    by Aric Mille

Residencies/ Grants/ Talks

2021      Rupert Residency, Vilnius, LT.  July.2021 (1 month)
2020     Course teacher in Installation and volume, School of Fine Art, ESAD, Reims , FR   Oct-Dec.2020
2020     VR screenwriting residency, organised by VR Arles Festival & Institut Français, Arles, FR.    
2019     Cite Internationale des arts, Artist in Residency, Montmartre, Paris, FR.  Oct.2019-Mar.2021 
2018     Artist talk and tutorials, Nagoya Art Universtiy, JP
2018     VR Arts Residency, Format C + SWS, Potsdana, HR
2017     LCN, SPACE, London, UK
2012     1 Year Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Agency of Cultural Affairs, JP (Y)