Paris Plus by Art Basel 2022,  Grand Palais Éphémèrem, Paris, FR

19 - 23rd October 2022

Edvard Munch,  Anna-Eva Bergman,  Kapwani Kiwanga,  Ittah Yoda,  Georges Tony Stoll,  Kees Visser

The inaugural edition of Paris+ par Art Basel will bring together 156 leading French and international galleries to present exceptional artworks across all media – from painting and sculpture to photography and digital works. From curated presentations of 20th century masterpieces to solo booths by emerging artists, Paris+ par Art Basel will present a global showcase of the highest quality, firmly embedded in Paris and its cultural scene.

A strong line-up of galleries from France will be joined by exhibitors from across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and the Middle East, including several first-time participants to any Art Basel show, such as Galerie Anne Barrault, christian berst art brut, Magnin-A, Salle Principale, and We Do Not Work Alone from Paris; Efremidis and Heidi from Berlin; Galerie Cécile Fakhoury with spaces in Abidjan, Dakar, and Paris; LC Queisser from Tbilisi; Seventeen from London; Chris Sharp Gallery from Los Angeles; and Tim van Laere Gallery from Antwerp.

Clément Delépine, Director, Paris+ par Art Basel says: ‘I am truly honored to announce the outstanding list of exhibitors taking part in the inaugural edition of our show in Paris. The composition of the gallery list reflects our commitment to create a show that is both specific to its host city and has a strong global resonance.’

‘The galleries selected for our debut in Paris embody Art Basel's long-standing tradition of juxtaposing high-quality historical work with avant-garde material,’ says Marc Spiegler, Global Director, Art Basel. ‘Equally important to us, the galleries that make today's Paris so dynamic are present in large numbers, across many market sectors, giving this show a singularly Parisian personality.’

For the first edition of Paris + by Art Basel, which runs from October 19th to 23rd at the Grand Palais Éphémère, Galerie Poggi has conceived an exhibition around a rare painting by Edvard Munch : Two Boys on the Beach (1911), in dialogue with Anna-Eva Bergman, Sidival Fila, Kapwani Kiwanga, Troy Makaza, Djamel Tatah, Georges Tony Stoll, Kees Visser and the duo Ittah Yoda.

Shoreline is a recurring theme in Munch’s work. It synthesizes a cosmogonic vision of the world, where the infinitely large and the infinitely small come together in a symbiotic relationship. It is not so much the landscape that interests him, as this in-between where the solid and the liquid, the mineral and the aquatic meet. A zone of erosion where stone becomes sand, of corrosion where water gnaws metal. Dissolution and evaporation, concretion and crystallization, flow of matter and energy.

This aspect guided our selection of works in dialogue with Edvard Munch for Paris +. First of all, a rare painting of a Fjord by her compatriot Anna-Eva Bergman where the sea and its waves seem more solid than liquid, as if their silvery surface had become mercury by a strange alchemy. Kapwani Kiwanga‘s recent sculptures made for the 59th Venice Biennale play with the different states of sand, from the finest silicate to the most transparent glass.

Those of the duo Ittah Yoda are born from a residency at the Institut de la mer de Villefranche-sur-mer, playing with the form of glass, brass and phytoplankton to embody what could be the future era of the Symbiocene. Finally, the crystallization phenomenon dear to Munch can be found in the grain of Georges Tony Stoll‘s photographic diptych as well as in Kees Visser‘s famous monochrome paintings on paper.

Photography by Andrea Rossetti