HESTIA, 55 bis, Paris, FR

19.10 - 13.11.2021

‘HESTIA’ a group exhibition taking place in a temporary exhibition space in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Hestia’ is a group show taking place in two empty Parisian apartments in Rue des Saints Pères.
These newly renovated apartments will host the invited artists - being their first residents. The notion of home has been challenged in the past months. Forced to stay at home, the very definition of this term has changed. "Where are we at home? », we have never asked this question to ourselves so often lately.

Like the goddess of the hearth, Hestia, the notion of home will be considered in three ways, different but intertwined :

• Primary focus : The intimacy, center of the earth
• Exo Home : What makes a community today?
• Phoenix : The regenerative fire

Exhibited artists :
Bassam Al-Sabah ; Kevin Bray ; Antoine Donzeaud ; Natacha Donzé ; Ben Elliot ; Louisa Gagliardi ; Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings ; Celia Hempton ; Paul Maheke ; Gaby Sahhar ; Olivia Stora ; Ittah Yoda

curated by Sacha Guedj Cohen         
organised by Simon Lasry

55bis rue des saints-pères
75006 Paris

Special Thanks to CNAP
Photography by Aureline Mole